The multi-decade leadership of Senator Orin Hatch has come to an end.

Hatch leaves the nation in peril with astronomical debt, unenforced immigration law, a bloated federal bureaucracy, a dubious FBI, and DOJ, out of control student debt, liberal universities, wreckless progressive courts, and a defective, government-run healthcare system.

Enough said, and thank you, Senator Hatch, for your longevity and commitment to the people of Utah.

Now what? And perhaps more importantly, who will step into the huge gap and fill the hallow leadership space for Utah?

Utah, like Arizona, is experiencing a conservative leadership crisis. This crisis is not the same as a Republican crisis.

Don’t be fooled by the mainline GOP talking points, often skewed to support the party machine at the expense of conservatives. The electorate of Utah longs for a new and truly principled constitutional conservative to become its next US Senator.

iVoteUtah is a part of The Next Generation of Conservatives a growing and unapologetic group of traditional conservatives who want our government to return to personal and collective virtue, fiscal sanity, and strict constitutional adherence. The question facing Utah’s conservative Republicans is who has the political backbone and internal character to address the following looming issues created in part by the now departing Senator Hatch.

  • Reckless and unchecked deficit spending.
  • Lack of budget discipline.
  • Growth and intrusion of an over-reaching government.
  • Immigration and all of its intricacies, compromises and the open border.
  • Funding for Planned Parenthood, the killing of unborn babies.
  • Tyrannical, progressive court that usurps Congress.
  • Our foreign policy, terrorism, and our penchant for nation-building.
  • A dishonest, political FBI and DOJ that has been politicised.
  • Threats against the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th Amendments to the US Constitution.
  • Elite career politicians who play to special interests at the expenses of constituents.
  • Required reform of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
  • The lying…the cheating and the dishonesty that is robbing us of our liberty.

The checklist grows, month-by-month, year-by-year.  Utah has become wearied with candidates who mislead them in each election cycle, promising to curb our out-of-control government, only to morph into K-Street stooges who look, speak, act and vote like liberal Democrats.

Utah is about to elect a new Senator to replace Orin Hatch. I’m wondering, can we get it right this time. Are we destined to elect another professional, multi-term politicians who will continue to duplicate the problems now destroying the nation? The fact is, almost all of the problems Utah citizens face were created with the passive or active consent of Orin Hatch.

The citizens of Utah need a new, principled, constitutional conservative in Washington, D.C.  The model is someone who shares the vision and character of Senator Mike Lee (R-UT).  I’m looking for a man or woman who understands the centrality of personal liberty, individual responsibility, free markets and shrinking and limited (as in very tiny) government.

At some point in this election cycle, I hope to interview the candidates, ask critical questions, and issue endorsements based on each candidates commitment to conservative principles.

The stakes are very high. Utah conservatives cannot afford to send any more political weaklings to Washington.

Donald Teel is the Founder and Editor of iVoteAmerica® and the State Editor for He has been an Arizona resident since 1960. He is a commercial real estate broker, private pilot, photographer and avid reader of America’s history.

Donald is an avid reader of history, theology, and all things political. As the Founder of iVoteAmerica, his vision for “The Next Generation of Conservatives®” includes the involvement of citizens in all 50-states.

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