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Romney – Wealthy Carpet Bagger?

Mitt Romney is more than a confused man, he’s troubled. Plagued with the inability to gain his footing in the national political arena, he concocted a plan to claim Utah as his home state and make a run for the US Senate seat of Orin Hatch.

Utah’s Conservative Leadership Crisis

Hatch leaves the nation in peril with astronomical debt, unenforced immigration law, a bloated federal bureaucracy, a dubious FBI, and DOJ, out of control student debt, liberal universities, wreckless progressive courts, and a defective, government-run healthcare system.

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iVoteUtah™ is in its inaugural year (2018) and we’re determined to make a positive contribution to Utah’s political environment. As a part of the iVoteAmerica National Network, iVoteUtah™ is dedicated to the election of principled constitutional conservatives at every level of government.

Mike Kennedy Exposed

Mike Kennedy Exposed

True to form, Mitt Romney stumbled again. This time he's faltering in Utah. Romney finished behind Utah's new front-runner for the US Senate, Mike Kennedy. At the end of the tabulations it was Romney with 49.12%, and Kennedy with a narrow lead at 50.88%. Game on. Dr....

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